Friday, April 22, 2005

Poe's Heart

Versus the mountain-climber. Huzzah! I wrenched my knee at rehearsal today (haven't had a fight call in ten days, but screw it). That didn't make the climb up Basin Trail any less tempting. We turned a corner from downtown Juneau right into the mountain. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like walking off a movie studio lot where they're filming The Bear and stepping right into a cafe to grab a coffee. The collision of city life and unspoiled nature is great for spoiled urbanites who secretly crave silence like me.

So a wonderful woman named DJ (who happens to be Perseverance's fianace director, I.T. expert, and five other things) piled us into her mini-van with her dog, Cedar, and took us to this trail. We walked past an abandoned gold mine and up the mountain to perch next to a raging waterfall.

Not much you can say at that point. Every time I turn around here, the earth announces itself like a diva.

Well, maybe diva's the wrong word. Like a ... well ... what do you call the feeling? One of our host fathers tried to liken the spectacle of the Northern Lights to "that first time you drop acid ... you know ... where you feel insignificant and omnipotent at the same time?" Yeah, something like that.

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