Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We went to Sandy Beach today for our own memorial service. I read lyrics from Louise Hoffsten’s "Box Full of Faces," others shared their memories and thoughts on the project and the day. Six years ago. Shit. I was at the bank cashing my one-and-only paycheck and CNN was playing a 20 second retrospective that consisted of their own footage outside the school that day. This was followed by the announcement that the school won’t be having a memorial service this year because they spent all the money they had on re-building the atrium and couldn’t even afford the monument they were going to build. Short by one million bucks, apparently.

PJ sent off the numbers to Curious Theatre in Denver and it sounds like the theatre only has to pay for the actor’s salaries and build the set. This is a super bargain, so I'm told. Still, we’re waiting. Blake is waiting, Molly is waiting. What’s with these people?

It’s the third day of rain here, and I’ve only been here three days. I don’t mind it as much as the rest of the group. Dan keeps going on about his vitamin D deficiency and I think he's onto something. It's like Cloud City from Empire.

I filmed a lot today. Drank up two tapes at the walk to the memorial and later on at rehearsal, soaking up more table work and some of the re-blocking for act one. Will try to do more tomorrow. People don’t seem overtly pissed that I’m doing this. I should take some time to review the tapes later this week to see if I’m onto something or if I need to buy a microphone. I found a bald eagle on a distant tree today. One of the theatre employees mentioned that there are several bald eagles ready for filming … down at the garbage barge. Ain’t it perfect? I HAVE to film that. I think I’ll make prints of the stills and sell them to BOTH conservative and liberal groups back in DC.

Getting the play back on its feet was harder than I thought. When I have a few days off from the show, I feel great and rejuvenated. But this is taking quite a bit of energy to find again. In the small rehearsal room, I feel older. Too close to the audience. I also got to watch lots of the first act fun that I could only glimpse for the last couple months. The rest of the group really is quite spectacular -- it's been a while since I've been able to see them up close. Gene made an amazing turnaround with an already bad-ass monologue. He did it in a completely different way -- same words, but with about four new layers to it. I taped it, thank god. Anne, too, though saddled with one of the weirder speeches in the show, still knocked it out of the park.

More later.

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Hollywood said...

The Monday morning meeting has been pushed to 1, so I’m still sitting at my desk, nursing a cup of tea. 12:50 pm. I think it might rain.

It’s been chilly today. At seven, when I woke, the sky was that pale gray color that reads cold and sullen. The cats spent the morning burrowed under comforters. In his office, I lit a candle hoping that the combination of a faint flame and positive thinking might generate warmth. It didn’t.

Two hours later I emerged, followed the Beltway crawl past the Mormon Temple and now here.



I’m thinking about you right now. Wondering what the weather is like; whether the sleep experiment is working or not; how it must feel to be in a place so removed from the world. Because, in another parallel life you could be here, bracing yourself for the weekly barrage of optimism and photocopied hand outs.