Tuesday, June 07, 2005


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Testing image hosting here. This is the aforementioned Ford Festiva. Note the bungee cord holding the hatchback shut. Also note the "OLE!" tags on the rear. The letters and the garden ornament velcro-ed to the roof were modifications made by me to enhance the re-sale value of this little bug. Shortly after this photo was taken, the brakes failed and we never met again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As you can see, the car did wonders for my self-esteem. And the orb-clutching statuette did wonders for the car's self-esteem. Together, we were unstoppable. A cop pulled me over for speeding one night and I happened to have a pizza box in the passenger's seat. So I said, "I'm sorry, officer. But I'm with Frog Prince Pizza Delivery and I've got to get this pie to north Douglas by 10pm or I don't get a kiss." No. No that never happened. But two tourists did get their photo taken with the car. I saw them from a distance. That was true. The frog prince is now in the possession of a lovely drama student from Arkansas who is living on her brother's boat in Juneau. I can only hope that his presence on the bow-sprint is as majestic as his presence on the roof of my loaner car here.

I left my camcorder's digital output cradle behind -- otherwise, I'd have a few hundred other images to post right now. These two are courtesy of my mom who came out to visit mid-run. More forthcoming. In the meantime, I'm trying to think of an elegant segue to more bloggage but can't think of a title, subject, or angle that might keep your interest. Were I to commit to a scrupulous and well-chiseled batch of prose nuggets chronicling my day-to-day life in DC, I think two very bad things might happen.

1. I'll fall into that category of blogger who tries to find new and innovative ways to describe the minutae of office life -- thus joining the ranks of Dilbert clones who don't realize that despite their perfected sarcasm and dead-on transcriptions of middle management assholes, they too have become soul-less cogs of the machine they supposedly hate.

2. I'll fall into that category of blogger that merely hyper-links all the other gossipy DC blogs in a whirlwind of in-bred self-referential wonkoid dishing.

3. I'll do option #1 or option #2 so well that I'll stop traveling and finding interesting things to write about.

I'm not saying I have an answer. But the blogging phenomenon is worth preserving and I guess I want to find my own angle to offer you. In the meantime, look for more Alaska photos and format changes. I'm sure we all have many interesting things to say.


East Coast Alaskan Girl, Retired said...

whoa whoa whoa -- did you give the frog prince to the girl who almost got you arrested?????


but glad you're back safe :) and i use imageshack.org or something like that to post my photos.

going to big death this friday -- maybe see you there? haven't heard from the curly guy -- shocker of all shockers.

keep blogging, cutie -- i need someone to keep me posted on all things dc when i'm in juneau!


LuckySpinster said...

i think you should blog about a different topic each week. you're such a smarty and you could enlighten us on various underreported world events. you seem like a journalist type (i mean that only in the best possible sense.)

Anonymous said...

a journalist type? Nah, judging from that insouciant pose beside his trusty frog, I'd guess a Barca Lounger philosopher....syndicated blog (broadcasted simultaneoulsly on NPR) would be "All Things Metaphysical"


East Coast Alaskan Girl, Retired said...

ok ok ok but c'mon, fess up to the chick you gave gomer to!!

missed you at big death on friday -- give a sister a shout before we rendez-vous at reagan national on thursday...


Anonymous said...

you're hot in that picture with your mom