Friday, July 01, 2005

"Pun" doesn't rhyme with "suck" ... but it should.

Friend and free-lance smart-ass Anna Gorisch recently submitted to the grand re-naming challenge by tundratastic and offered the following ten possible new titles. Cast your vote or submit your own. My daily diet of vitamin pith is running low, so I'm outsourcing this task.

10. Blog (as a match for all the Pulitzer-worthy, one-word titles of which I so frequently bitch)
9. Freaks & Irrelevancies
8. Kevin
7. Blog Benedict XVI
6. "That's Hot!" My Tribute to Paris Hilton
5. Les Miserablog
4. Blogman Begins
3. Folly of the Moment
2. Smorgasblog
1. Fear and Loathing in Las District

Not a bad start. Clearly, numbers 7, 6, and 4 are bound a little too snugly to current fads to yield a sustaining shelf-life, but then ... oh, nevermind. Was going to throw another Wallacean remark about how that's just what the po-mo-rons want you to do! Help me out here folks. Not looking for a new URL necessarily, but the Alaskan vestige will have to go for now.


Anonymous said...

Beltway Dust: Polemics and Prose from the Tailpipe


H said...

I got nuthin'...

but maybe this will help


RennyRu said...
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RennyRu said...

I say #1! It seems the most relevant and least pop-culturish of the bunch. It evokes a certain familiarity to the reader yet it also contains an edge that says "independant", "artsy", "Johnny Depp!"-- only in DC and not Las Vegas.

Hmm... just a thought.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Miller,
I enjoy your performances in the DC theatre scene, and your blog. I thought you might enjoy this quote, from the preface to "The Retreat From Moscow" by William Nicholson:

Writing is an odd enterprise. Why take the fragments of lived experience and rearrange them in some new pattern? Why tell stories
at all? For a while I supposed the urge came from a need to tidy up the mess of life, to impose meaning on the meaningless. More recently I have come to see that I am in the grip of a greater drive, which I name with some hesitation, because it seems too grand. I am trying, clumsily, to reach the truth of my life. This is hard. Like everyone else, I tell lies all the time, most of all to myself. I lie about who I am and what I want and how much I hurt. I lie to survive. I tell a story of myself that I hope will make others love and admire me. But more and more, I write to strip away these lies, and say,
Look, this is how it really is. What then? I look. I recognise the
truth. That's all. No moral. No lesson. No consolation. And yet
it's profoundly satisfying. This is the experience the great writers
give me. It's what I'm trying to do in my own work.

Amy E. said...

I'm voting for #1!! What a perfect title...and it made me giggle. #6 however, should be thrown in a fire pit in some sort of ceremonial burning session.

LuckySpinster said...

you've gotta get a tagline going, too.

Um, has anyone seen my dictionary?

I'm smart. And not just for an actor.

A teen girl talks about life, love, and her search for the perfect hair color.

Anonymous said...

Because this blog is able to reduce mountains to molehills in a single rant I suggest: Meta F*ing Miller

Washington Cube said...

For what it's worth, my vote goes for #1.