Thursday, August 11, 2005

Folly of the Moment

I really liked that title -- as a runner-up for the grand re-naming contest. Thing is, I can't think of any folly to share at the moment. Passion Play is about as exciting as it gets. I almost wish I was working on something less inspirational; wish I could scatter the fun projects and distribute them more evenly over the next couple years. Because I know it won't always be like this and it'd be handy to have some creative-capital account for the dry seasons.

Starting to chip away at the back-log of unread classics. Confederacy of Dunces to start, followed by a handful of Shakespeare titles courtesy of Maestro Deeker.

In the absence of any new thoughts, could y'all tell me if this blog appears weird in your browser window? I'm on Firefox and it looks OK, but on a friend's AOL browser, the side-bar was shifted below the text, instead of right next to it. I've been dropping code into the template with no real respect for the order, so ... maybe it's just a fluke.

I'm apartment hunting right now, so once I get myself settled there will be a lovely housewarming buffet of bloggage.


Karl's Dad said...

Blog site looks fine on Internet Explorer. I never liked AOL.

yerMom said...

Hmmmm... family hour on Karl's blog?

Something visceral hit me when I read your title-- I vote that you keep looking for other titles for any re-naming effort.

With all your posts about theatre, circus, pandering and all, faint visions of the stage and the Ziegfeld Follies flickered in my mind. But then--what hit my gut--we do have so many follies these days and most seem hard to laugh about: Iraq, Karl Rove, the campaign to require gun ownership by DC residents. . .I like that your blog has kept a level of discourse more endearing than so many rants out there. Keep it up, hon!

LuckySpinster said...

your blog appears normal. very earnest and normal.

H said...

Confederacy of Dunces is one of my all time favorites! Curious...what Shakespeare titles?


ps. The blog looks fine.

SimplyKJ said...

Looks good on my computer and I am using AOL!

yvette said...

it looks great on my beautiful eMac, but the thing you described happened when i read it in ohio on a Dell running IE. i thought maybe your blog simply didn't like the disrespect of being read in ohio. hmph.

hope your housing hunt goes better than mine, friend.

Anonymous said...

my friend and i saw you at studio last night and got very excited because we love this blog, but we had to play it cool and pretend we didn't recognize you because... well, because we're intimidated by your intellect. or i am at least. i shouldn't speak for my friend. pathetic, but there it is. anyway, i hope you'll post about jenny chow soon, as i'm dying to hear what you thought of it. i'm still looking for the right words to express my feelings(i'm used to being lazy and just seeing a show and quickly forgetting about it for fear of actually forming an opinion and consequently, possibly having to act on it). i felt a lot and found a very personal connection with a lot of the second act, and i love messy, ambitious theatre, but on the whole i didn't love this show, and i got the impression it might actually (dare i say it?)read better than it plays. i really shouldn't say that before i've read the play, but there was so much stuff in the show last night that caused me to disengage (particularly the scenes between jennifer and her mother, which i really wanted to let tear me to bits and which left me cold). sorry. didn't want to make this so long. your blog's cool. theatre's cool. everybody rock on.


p.s. props on the wittenburg shirt:)

amy said...

~* My boyfriend ALSO saw you @ Studio (He's their Group Sales guy), and recognized you from "COLUMBINUS". He said he felt like the song 'Mad World' should have been playing...but alas, he was ALSO too intimidated to say anything to you! Haha, kudos to you and your grandeur! *~

Anonymous said...

My hamster, similarly, suffered from intimidation malaise syndrome -- until I purchased him a new running wheel the size of Mr. Miller's. He's fine now.


amy said...

hmmmm, I've been too hesitant to purchase the running wheel for my intimidated lover...but so far he HAS enjoyed the water bottle and woodchips that I've provided.

arcticactor said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa ... maybe my mochachino's a little weak this morning, but is "hamster" code for what I think it is? Eish. You guys can say "hi" in person, too. I promise I won't hurt any hamsters. Or people. Or ... whatever.


Anonymous said...

Nah, ..Rodent reductio ad absurdum ain't code for nothin'...just goofin' on your dime till your next big post. Your readership obviously all love ya!


SAS said...

Wow Karl. You're totally like the Tom Cruise of DC.

Only without the whole Scientology mess.

And taller.