Sunday, September 11, 2005

On the bright side ...

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I should be able to tell a Photoshop fake when I see one, but this looks pretty good. Digital crop marks aside, would anyone doubt for a second that this might have happened?

I'm still here. Just finding my bearings again after opening. Damn, those Arena kids really know how to, ahem, christen a new show. Quite the spread. We said goodbye to Miss Ruhl last night. I haven't been able to run in a long time and my attitude is feeling it.

Reactions to the show are pretty funny. We'll make a small mistake with a line or a costume piece, sending audience members into lenghtly, privileged dissertations on the metaphoric significance -- but then the same people come up and ask, "What's with the red sky? And the fish? I don't get the fish." Ach.

I'll never forget a woman at the talk-back to The Clean House this past July. This should be funny for anyone who saw it. She raised her hand and asked Sarah:

"Yes. Why Portugese? I have a couple objections to that. A) It's neither French nor Spanish and B) Not many people speak it. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a really hard time understanding what the maids were saying!"

Now, bear in mind, the SUBTEXT of this woman's comment sounded like this ...

"Ha ha! You dumbass! What were you thinking writing characters that only Brazilians would understand ver batim?! How many Brazilians are there in the world, anyway? Like, 86? Ha ha! I think you made a mistake there, Miss Pulitzer Finalist!"

So I don't get it. Roving playwright-buddy Dan Stroeh was back in town briefly and he reminded me that Lee Blessing (or some such name) advises his students to write about the audience that's going to bankroll the theatre who'll produce your play. So high-strung OCD women in "Metaphysical Connecticut" should be able to grasp this stuff, since they'll be flocking to it when the production finally lands in NYC, right? I don't know how that adage applies to something like Passion Play -- it's all over the place. Strange how many Christian audience members don't know their source material.


Karl's Dad said...

Looking forward to seeing you, and the fish, in Passion Play this Sunday night.

Gwen said...

I'm assuming you've seen this one as well,


H said...

type failure into google and see what you get...thanks to Adam and Mike for this brilliant nugget.