Thursday, September 01, 2005

Passion T-Minus #891234123 and Counting

So after the flying carpenter was rigged and the three fish-headed puppets shed their $10k kimonos ... after Mary's flood and Hitler's march had been choreographed ... after the wind machines were realigned and the sky cyclorama was bled through every shade of crimson to get juuuuust the right hue ... we might be close to the beginning of the end of phase one of tech.

Just a quick post while we're running backstage to practice quick-change 87: Nazi Officer becomes Jewish Priest in ninety seconds. I'm really going to eat all my words on Monsterism with this one.

As you may have heard from Backstage or Theaterboy, our first preview is this Saturday night. Invited dress rehersal the night before. Not that that helps anyone out there already in a show, but ... if ya wanna see this thing before all rewrites are barred for good, go for it.

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SimplyKJ said...

Good luck.

Really wish I could be there to see it.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it. I have tickets for Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Also coming Saturday...can't wait to see you onstage with kimono-clad fish .... those are talking fish, aren't they? Can't abide mime fish!


Gwen said...

I was at the invited dress tonight, and I had a great time. Regardless of any technical snafus and valiant (if hilariously ineffective) facial-hair-rescue gesticulation, the play is astonishing in its scope. It's beautiful and smart and worth talking up to friends, and I am excited to come back and see it later in the run. And besides, you look so disturbingly attractive in your nazi gear...


arcticactor said...

Oy yes. The moustache has been cut, thankfully. Although, in the rehearsal scenes it did look a propos to have this flimsy thing floating to the ground like an autumn leaf at juuuuust the right moment.

Our first preview had its own mis-haps. A bit of slapstick went down to the chirp of crickets (my fault) and our intrepid quick-change crew is still ironing out some cracks in the scene changes so we don't miss anything. I think we'll be in better shape by this Thursday.


Anonymous said...

An absolutely beautiful, poignant and thought-provoking show (and I loved the mime fish). Congrats.


H said...

I could not have said it better. I will be chewing on this one for a long time. Bravo.


tickledspirit said...

i'll be in DC the weekend of Sept 23-25... hoping to see the show (and you!) then.

Anonymous said...

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And no, I'm not a bot either!
Cheers & Good Luck with the show. 'VJ'